Tuesday, 7 January 2014

New Mother Earth News column

My latest piece, "Preserving Vitamins Through the Lean Months," is appearing in Mother Earth News here. Check it out.


Anonymous said...

Great post. I made me count my blessings though. I live in a climate where my garden will (just about) continue to grow throughout the winter. We harvested broccoli all winter long. My onions grew, my garlic grew and my broad beans grew too. I'm just purchasing my winter crop seeds now and I know that I can have, if I am careful, something to harvest throughout the year. :) I'm in cold climate Victoria, Australia which means we count ourselves lucky to actually see snow although none of what we had settled on the ground in the slightest.

Brian Kaller said...


Thank you! Your winters sound like ours; I'd love to see Victoria sometime, although probably when we're having a winter here. How hot does it get in summer?