Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Self-portrait with Girl


cecelia said...

LOL - very clever!

Bev said...

Are you ever going to let us see her face? Nice blog anyway; love the photos of Ireland.

Brian Kaller said...

Thanks, Cecelia.

Bev, thank you for reading. I write the blog to talk about ways we can deal with the Long Emergency, and children are the most important part of that – plus, The Girl is just plain cute.

At the same time, I like as much privacy as a blogger and community activist is allowed, and I leave many aspects of our life unmentioned. I also didn't ask her before putting her photos or stories up, nor is she of age to make such a decision. I have experienced the occasional death threat as a journalist, and while predators are not as ubiquitous as people imagine, they exist.

So, I chose to talk about The Girl but not show her face or offer her name, and I say we live in County Kildare but don’t give a specific town or address. I’m sure you could find more by Googling, but let’s not. :-)

Unknown said...


I love the endlessly creative way you handle the need for privacy and support your approach 100%. I don't need any of those details to enjoy and appreciate your posts. As a father and grandfather of quite a few girls, I always look forward to updates on the growth and adventures of The Girl.

Does she know how many fans she has? (I rather hope not!)