Tuesday 8 November 2016

Commenting on Irish television tonight

I'll be part of a panel commenting on the US election on the Irish network RTE tonight; check it out if you can. I still don't have our internet fixed at home, so I'll be slow to respond to comments.

In the meantime, everyone stop panicking about the election. You see that sunset? They'll probably be a lovely sunset tomorrow night as well, and for many nights to come. We're used to thinking of every new development as the end of the world. It won't be.


Donna OShaughnessy said...

No worries, At 57 I know full well the sun will come up and go down tomorrow. If it doesn't, then I'm probably dead and neither Hilary or Donald will care. Anyway, a late comment about egg storage. We freeze them here. When the chickens are laying like crazy I take 6, scramble them raw and put them in a plastic container and pop them in the fridge. When I need them just thaw and cook as you would normally, except of course you can't make eggs over easy since the yolk is all broke apart. When they thaw they are thick and odd looking but they tastes fine in all your baking and as cooked scrambled eggs. Love your blog and I adore RTE, listen to it online here in Illinois.

Brian Kaller said...

Thank you Donna! I've heard of people having trouble with unseparated eggs, and freeze the whites and yolks separately. I take it you don't have any problems?