Monday 27 September 2010


In lieu of more extensive blogging, here is an update of what we have been doing lately.

Pickling: radishes, cabbage, cucumbers, gherkins and onions.

Drying: Calendula flowers (poor man’s saffron), poppy heads, sage, bay, beans, peas and onions

Jamming: Strawberries

Syruping: Elderberries

Boxing: Chicory roots in crates of earth for winter salad

Sprouting: mung beans and clover seeds

Making: milk into yogurt, yogurt into cheese

Boozing: berries into liqueur, elderberries into wine.

Photo: Our neighbour driving his old car past our house.


Grandpa said...

Wow! All the vegies. You sure have lots of good stuff going there.

And the photo looks like from one of those old movies - my time!

Alana said...

I am wondering how you made your cheese - can you post your process? I've always wanted to give cheese-making a shot!

Brian Kaller said...


We are making our cheese into yogurt and then, if we feel like, straining the yogurt in cloth over the sink until it's basically cream cheese. I'll write more about it later.