Wednesday, 14 May 2014

New article at Mother Earth News: Nine Things to Do with Dandelions

Mother Earth News prefers that I direct people to their site rather than reprinting them here, so please do check it out.


Unknown said...

Cool, and like you said, it's also FREE. You can't beat that!

Brian Kaller said...

Thanks Sheila --- glad to have you reading.

Anonymous said...

Hello, Just read your Dandelion article in MEN and found your good blog, great ! Up in Leitrim and I too have been feasting on dandelions (weren't they just glorious this year?), salad of young leaves and flowers with fried strips of organic bacon (quite a typical French lunch), dandelion lemonade, pickled dandelion buds (mock capers), dandelion flower infused oil. I got a great book in the local Library which I recommend Hedgerow Medicine by J. Bruton-Seal and M. Seal, so I am now working with my freshly picked cleavers. Looking forward to reading more from you. Regards. M-A Djeribi