Sunday, 6 December 2009

I'm also appearing

... over at the admirable web site Front Port Republic, which has run this article of mine.

If you are not familiar with FPR, it is a haven for "crunchy cons," old-fashioned conservatives, distributists, conservationists, agrarians, Luddites and a diversity of other thinkers. They tend to be genuinely conservative in a way that modern neocons are absolutely not, but lie as far outside the US media's left-right spectrum as Duluth and Biloxi lie outside the St. Louis/Kansas City spectrum.


Jason Gagnon said...

I saw this today! Well done!

brierrabbit said...

Front Porch Republic is one of the most worthwhile places to visit on the web. It's like coming home to normalcy, when you have been on the Neo-con trip too long. finally. a place for us conservatives, who are interested in things more than war, and greed. they actually think some things are more important than commerce. And while they respect the military, they don't glorify it.