Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Published at Front Porch Republic

If you've never looked at the web site Front Porch Republic, you should -- it's one of the few online magazines where the traditionalist right meets the conservationist left, and find a lot in common. Both down-home and intellectual, earthy and spiritual, it fills a much-needed void in modern culture.

I'm pleased to say they've published a few pieces of mine over the years, on old movies, living together, Irish funerals, and the ethics of eating meat, and as of today, my piece on teaching the Trojan War.


Ronald Langereis said...

Interesting read, Brian. I agree with you on rape, hope and ravens, and my earlier conviction that your Girl shows a keen judgement remains unchallenged.

Brian Kaller said...

Thank you, Ronald! She's a good teacher.