Thursday, 3 October 2013

Published at Grit

More good news: my piece on global food waste has been published at Grit Magazine: 

"Several years ago a study found that up to a third of all food sold was thrown away uneaten – inexcusable in a country where farmers struggle and children go hungry. That country was the United Kingdom, which has a generally good record of conserving its resources, so pundits wondered what a global study would find. 
Such a study was released earlier this year – by the Institution for Mechanical Engineers, somewhat surprisingly – and looked at impoverished Third-World nations as well as the prosperous West. Unfortunately, their findings revised the figure … upwards."

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simon.dc3 said...

hi Keller, FYI Sean O'Connor (engineer turned barrister, and Sinead O'Connor's dad :-) has an ebook, "Growing Up So High: A Liberties Boyhood", on Amazon about growing up in Dublin's The Liberties.

I mention it as I enjoy your posts of those who were kids in the late 19th and early 20th centuries reminiscing on what things were like. In his ebook O'Connor pretty much follows such narration describing his neighborhood, each person and shopkeeper, the person calling for kitchen slops and the coal vendor calling out "Coh-o-il" as they went through the streets and how he and his friends would make it a game to make their own calls to rhyme to theirs.
He mentions watching the farriers, rushing into any door still opened and closing it behind them at site of herd of cattle driven bounding up the streets to the slaughterhouse, and boats loaded with Guinness pulled by horses on the towpath.

Anyways, think you might like it as is very much about that time before all became industrialized, a time, which as you allude, all'd be wise to mind as we slide down the other side of Hubert's Curve.

I've only read the preview available at the Amazon site. Hope your weekend is great.