Monday, 12 January 2015

Not even Christy Moore

The pub nearest our house has a map on the wall of the Bog of Allen, with all landmarks being the local pubs. Every village has a pub -- in a way, a pub and a church are what make a village. These days, as Ireland slowly changes, more and more pubs are simply playing a television all the time, a place where people can drink when they get tired of watching television at home.

Some old pubs, though, maintain their traditions, and each retains its own long-standing rules. A few still feature the traditional Irish music of local singers like Christy Moore, and some have bands that play in the evenings while all the locals sing along. This pub, on the other hand, bans all music, so the patrons can hear each other.

Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones used to live nearby, and one night, I'm told, he came into the pub with Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and their instruments. The elderly publican scowls at them and tells them not to start playing the instruments, or they’ll be kicked out.

One by one, though, people in the pub work up the courage to come over to the Stones and ask them for a tune. Finally Keith Richards relents and strums a few chords on his guitar, and the old pub owner orders them out of the establishment.

“But don’t you know who this is?” the people ask the pub owner. “This is Keith Richards!”

“I don’t know who that is," the owner said, "but I don’t care if it’s Christy Moore, he’s not playing in my pub!”


Brian Michael said...

Love this story! I can truly imagine it from my experiences in Ireland! God Bless Tradition. Fr Brian

Sarah R said...

That made me laugh - Christy Moore is certainly ranked higher in my pantheon than the Stones.