Saturday, 1 June 2013

Next we'll whitewash the fence

That evening, as we made it home, she showed me how to climb the linden tree, whose leaves we make into salad in the spring. We cleaned out the chicken coop together, as she shooed them out of the way, and she wanted to take her fishing net to the canal to see what creatures could get from the water – and to say hello to the ducks, who still live in front of our house taunting us.

I told her I couldn’t join her – I had to mow the lawn while there was still light, and I didn’t think she could help.

“Why not?” she asked.

Well, it takes someone pretty big to push a mower, I said, and older still to start the motor by themselves. I don’t know if you’re big enough to help.

She got that determined look she gets, and mowed most of the lawn, starting the motor herself four times.

Well, that worked, I thought.


foodnstuff said...

Loved that! I presume she doesn't yet read your blog. I wonder what you'll do when she does!

Brian Kaller said...


No, I'm wondering at what age I should break it to her that her whole life has been recorded and that she has a fan club -- almost like the film "The Truman Show." That's one reason I don't show her face or say her name, to allow her her privacy. Once she starts reading this, though, I won't be able to get away with anything anymore. :-)