Sunday, 5 May 2013

Grand Day Out

My farmer friend has a daughter just a little younger than The Girl, and when the two can play they are like sisters. Today The Girl and I spent a long and rich day on the farm; while I helped my friend herd the cows and plant potatoes, the two young ladies explored the fields and woods together.

Finally, we all went for a walk along the old canal, the girls picking dandelions along the path. We passed houseboats painted cheerful primary colours, canal locks gushing like waterfalls and footbridges over the boat-ways.

We saw a stone aqueduct, one of those remarkable engineering projects of the Georgian era, one that allowed a stream to pass unharmed under the path of the boat canal. We walked alongside the stream through what seemed like a tunnel, water dripping through the rocks from the canal above, forming stalactites over our heads.

As we curled up and read more of Treasure Island, I asked The Girl if it was a good day.

“It was the best, Daddy.” She said gravely.  
Top photo: The girls turning an abandoned house into a tea shop. 
Bottom photo: By the stream, with the canal and houseboats over our heads.

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