Saturday, 2 March 2013

Gates of Christchurch

Founded in 1028, Christ Church remains one of Dublin's loveliest cathedrals. Here, it's said, the lord Strongbow is buried, and here Henry II first took Communion after the murder of Thomas Beckett.

As we walked up Fishamble Street to the gate, I remarked that it was on this tiny street that Handel first performed the Messiah. The Girl doesn't know Messiah, but she knows Handel's Zadok the Priest, the song of British coronations.

"How long ago was that?" she asked.

I'd have to look it up exactly, I said -- not quite 300 years.

"I bet they didn't have quite so many beer cans along the road then," she said.


Anonymous said...

The Dublin premiers of Handel's "Messiah" was 13 April 1742. I have a recording of the 250th Anniversary of the Dublin Premiere using the original scoring. Glorious! It features the late Jerry Hadley as tenor soloist; we sang together at university.

Brian Kaller said...


Yes, 271 years ago. I would have guessed 280, but "not quite 300" was good enough for the eight-year-old. :-)

I'll have to look that recording up -- thank you!