Friday, 25 January 2013

My dentist

I told The Girl I was taking a First Aid class, and she wished she could take it too. I said I would come home and teach her whatever I know.
Do you know why I’m taking a First Aid course? I asked.
“So you can help people in emergencies,” she said.
Not just me, I said – I want you to be able to help people too. Do you know why?
She remembers this from earlier conversations, and says cheerfully, “as I get older, there are going to be more emergencies than there used to be.”
Then she got an idea – “Will you learn how to do dentist work?” she asked. “Do you know that Hatshepsut of Egypt died of a toothache?”
Yes, I said – she wasn't the only one. We’re pretty lucky to live in a time when we can go to a dentist any time we need to, but it couldn't hurt to learn a bit ourselves. 
“I think I will be a dentist, then,” she said. “Because I don’t want to see more people end up like Hatshepsut,” she said solemnly.
That’s wonderful, honey, I said – I’m proud of you.
"I also want to be a princess. And a scientist. And a farmer." she said. 
Well, that's great ...
"And I want to marry [boy band] One Direction -- all of them."
That’s a bold and sweeping agenda, I said – I applaud your ambition.

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