Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Wicklow Mountains, early morning


Nick Micheletti said...

What would be the top five places to visit in Ireland? I'll be there next year for the first time.

~fellow journalist

Brian Kaller said...


It all depends on what you like -- many visit the Guinness brewery and seem to enjoy it, but I think it's a gift shop in a factory in a run-down neighbourhood.

My tastes run toward the ancient, so I would recommend 1.) the Burren, an area of stark beauty and Stonehenge-like monuments south of Galway, 2.) the Giant's Causeway, 3.) the monastery of Glendalough in the Wicklow Mountains, 4.) The Ring of Kerry, a stretch of cliffs and fjords, and 5.) The Rock of Cashel, an old castle and church in Tipperary.

Let me know how your trip goes.

Andy Brown said...

Those are good choices, though I'd go to Newgrange rather than Giant's Causeway, myself. And if you have time and inclination in the South and West, get an Ordinance Survey map that shows the standing stones, rings, tombs, and castle ruins, put on some heavy, water-proof boots and go on a wander in the countryside.