Tuesday, 2 October 2012

No there there

The Girl pointed to a rainbow in the sky, and asked me where it ended. Is it possible to see the ending? she asked.

I’m afraid not, I said. If we went where the rainbow appears, we might see it somewhere else, as far away as before, or we might see nothing. We won’t see it come down around where we’re standing, though, because a rainbow only exists in the distance, at this spot, at that angle.

“We can see it, but it’s not really there?” she asked.

It’s there here, I said, but it’s not there there, I said. She frowned as though gingerly prodding the thought.

“If we went there so that there was here, it wouldn’t be there here, but it might be a different there there.”

Right, I said. But it will never be here here. So many things are like that, I thought to myself -- prosperity, safety, beauty. They always appear in the distance, but run towards them and they still look like they're just over the next hill.

“Like tomorrow,” The Girl said. “Tomorrow never happens.” That’s right, I said. That’s why I’m out with you today.

Photo: Rainbow over the Ha'penny Bridge, with a gull flying through where it isn't. 


Bev said...

I love your posts about the Girl. She's keeping you on your toes and you're going to turn her into a fine human being.

terry said...

Like Bev I'm truly enjoying the education you're cultivating in the Girl.
We've visited Ireland twice now, and would love to see it again, but your blog is close.

Brian Kaller said...

Bev and Terry,

Thank you both; I'm delighted to share a bit of her with the world.