Saturday, 29 September 2012


“I think there are at least three hundred roots for any tree,” she said, coming back to the original subject.

You might be right, I said -- I bet they do, and many roots go further than that, because they go down to threads, and mix with other threads – what do you think the other threads are?

“Fungi!” she said. We’ve talked about this, how we stand on a fabric of fungi threads like a big mattress in the soil. Sometimes threads go between the trees, I said, and they let things flow between the trees like blood vessels.

“The fungi are the trees’ teacher,” The Girl said. “They are how they talk to each other.”
Interesting way of putting it, I said, but I won’t disagree. They give the trees life, and the trees give us life. And when the trees die the fungi change them back into soil again.

“So baby trees can grow.”

Yes, the soil gives the trees life, and one day it brings them home.

“Is that like what happens to us?”  

We have a home too, I said. We all go there one day. 

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