Sunday, 1 April 2012

Coming to America with The Girl

This summer I plan to journey to the USA for the first time in three years – first in St. Louis, Missouri for the first week of July, and then Minneapolis, Minnesota in mid-July. I hope to speak at one or two venues about Ireland, traditional ways of life and what we might expect in the years ahead. If you live in the area and have suggestions, let me know.


 The Girl was four the last time we visited the USA, and remembers little, and I look forward to seeing my native country through her eyes. The last time we visited Minnesota, one summer evening, we heard a faint rumbling in the distance, and The Girl asked excitedly, “Papa, is that thunder?” Thunder is rare in Ireland, and she knew it mainly from stories.

She got another shock when the rains began – not Ireland’s chilly drizzle, but a Minnesota summer squall, a brief and intense deluge of warm water.


 I had a terrible time getting tickets for the USA after the two thousand euros I had saved up was lost in a botched bank transfer, missing in cyberspace for two weeks. After The Girl overheard me frantically calling banks on either side of the Atlantic, she brought me a small cloth bag she had been hiding, saying, “Papa, will this help us get there?”

Inside the bag was all the money she had in the world – about a hundred pennies.

Thank you, I said, but you keep this. It will work out somehow. And it did.


papabear said...

Dear Mr. Kaller, I believe R. Aleman of The Distributist Review now lives in Minneapolis, but I will double-check. He may be interested in arranging some sort of lecture. If you are on FB you can contact him either through the FB page for The Distributist Review or through his personal account. Otherwise there is the generic contact form at TDR website.

Brian Kaller said...


Thank you very much -- I have the Distributist Review on my blogroll to the left. I will contact him.

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