Sunday, 4 March 2012

Current projects

Many other projects have reduced my posts to weekly entries for the present. I am writing the newspaper column and several freelance projects, having just finished the piece for Low-Tech magazine. My day job continues, unlike many jobs in Ireland, but absorbs more time than it used to.

On the weekends the daylight hours have filled with spring preparations; digging our garden beds, laying newspaper and mulch between the beds, turning the compost, pulling and burning the weeds and brambles, climbing and pruning the trees, making charcoal and chopping wood for the fire.

I have also been working on:

Several types of wine: hawthorn and crabapple; parsnip and elderberry; parsnip and ginger, and parsnip and beetroot, to add to our aging bottles of cowslip, elderflower, nettle and meadowsweet. 

Chicory, not just for winter vitamins but ground like coffee; while not as good as the coffee I’m used to, it does taste similar. It works well for stretching your coffee supply, both reducing the price and the amount of caffeine. 

Baskets -- this one intended for potatoes, if I can ever find time to finish it.

The most important project: The Girl, seen here on last week’s trip to Dublin’s National Gallery.  

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M said...

The level of inquisitiveness manifested at the gallery, literally and figuratively, is simply priceless.