Saturday, 8 January 2011

The Girl

The Girl decided to be very organised and label all her drawers. She works hard every day learning to read and write, but sometimes her spelling remains creative. See if you can figure out what the labels mean:



Maocing stf




Cudlee Stf


Personally, "Towees" has to be my favourite.


A few days ago The Girl and I were talking about Gompotheres, elephant-like animals with giant, shovel mouths, which roamed North America until humans arrived.

The Girl loves them so much she took out her pom-poms and wanted to show me a cheer she had made up:

“We love our great big Gompotheres,
They always have a smile,
The bogs there had the Gompy Mamas
And the Gompy childs,
We love our Gomp-Gomp-Gomp-Gomp-Gompy-Oh-Gompotheres,
‘Cause they like to Chomp-Chomp-Chomp-Chompy-Oh-Chompotheres,
Yay, Gompotheres!”


Anonymous said...

OK, I give up!

I got all but maocing stf & towees.

There doesn't seem to be much in the marbls drawer.

Lovely stf!

Aussie reader

Brian Kaller said...

Thanks, Anonymous Aussie! A friend of mine asked of she was keeping red Chinese flags in the Maocing drawer. :-)


Marbls = Marbles

Maocing stf = Making Stuff

Dols = Dolls

Pusuls = Puzzles

Towees = Toys

Cudlee Stf = Cuddly Stuff

Pat from Rochester, NY said...

I couldn't get maocing stf at first, but now I can see it, "two vowels walking, the first one does the talking". The girl seems very bright an inventive.
Love the blog, especially the parts about you and your daughter. You are a lucky man!

brierrabbit said...

If Lewis Carol had heard your daughters little poem, it would surly have ended up in Alice in Wonderland alongside the Jabberwocky, Red Queen and company.