Tuesday, 22 June 2010


The Girl woke me on Father’s Day with a card she drew over a course of days, with green flowers she asked Mama to pick for me. That morning we walked all around the garden, and picked our first strawberry of the year.

Later that day we brought her to the Feis (pronounced fesh), or dance show. Many children take Irish dancing – what Americans most know through Riverdance – as children elsewhere might take gymnastics or karate, and at the end of the year all the children have to perform in front of the assembled village parents. I don’t want The Girl to feel pressure at her age, or to feel preoccupied with winning, so I urge her to simply enjoy herself. Nonetheless, I was pleased when she came away with two medals and a trophy.

We built a fifth large garden bed this weekend, and plan on seven before we are done, plus the greenhouse, the four berry beds, the nine herb beds and the orchard. We’ve done a lot of work, and there is much more to come.

All this is happening right when my day job has gotten particularly busy, as have other obligations. Sorry for not writing more. Keep reading, and Happy Midsommer.

Photo: The Girl in a medieval ruin on our friends' farm.

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That's a cute little girl. And that place looks like there's no one there.