Wednesday, 23 December 2009


I'm riding the bus to my day job from our new home, trying to remember the points when the gaps in wireless Internet service appear.

Every morning I will bicycle out of our land, ride along the canal for a few miles to the main road, and cross an old stone arch bridge. There I will park the bike at a bus stop -- just a red pole and small sign along a country road -- and pick up the bus to Dublin. To American eyes it appears incongruous to see this giant, double-decker bus barrel across the countryside, but luckily buses are one of the main sources of traansportation here, and make regular capillary stops even in remote places.

Not so with Internet service -- our signal is spotty at best in our new home. I'm riding the bus to my day job from our new location, and trying to memorise the stretches where wireless service cuts out. Posting might be sporadic.

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