Saturday, 5 September 2009

First day

Should she stay home? I wondered. Homeschooling works well for some, and I don’t want her to be swept away in a mob of influence, a world of preadolescent marketing. I don’t want her to be warehoused as I was.

On the other hand, schools here seem superior to those I went through, we like her teacher, and she craves the company of other children – and we live out in the country. She can always begin staying home next month, next year, in five years, if she needs it – and in the meantime I can keep teaching, including things schools don't teach.

In any case, The Girl walked into her first day pleased and unperturbed.


RW said...

welcome back

sounds like you have found a good balance for this year.

Brian Kaller said...

Thanks, RW --- I hope so. Glad to hear from you again.