Sunday, 11 January 2009


Sorry for the light posting -- I've been laid up with the flu.

One recent night, my daughter proposed that we -- I am not making this up -- pretend to be continental landmasses and call each other on the phone.

"Hello, Africa? Are you there?" she said into her pinky finger. Yes, who is this? I said.

"This is India -- how are you doing today, Africa?" she said. I'm fine, I said -- a little ticklish from the elephants and zebras walking on me.

"I have hot weather today, and I have elephants too, and women who wear bindis!" she said. And so on.

She is just nine different kinds of awesome.


Will Conley said...

This post, Brian, is nine different kinds of awesome. I love the blog title too. I've been skimming you since you email blasted me a couple months back, and have enjoyed it very much! - Will Conley, former canvasser with the Ken Pentel for Governor Campaign, Twin Cities, 2002.

Motherhood for the Weak said...

That is pretty awesome!

I look forward to the same awesomeness once the babeola starts talking.

Tell me, what do you use to sweep up the puddle of your heart off the floor?


Robin said...

That is the kind of mind-blowing originality that most adults would love to possess. Such a beautiful and sweet and open and creative mind - lucky you getting to share days with such a creature!

What a great blog post.