Friday, 17 October 2014

Dublin cafe

I just find this slogan funny for some reason.


P.M.Lawrence said...

Many years ago, an Irishman I was working with, Tony Kirby, returned from holiday and showed me a box of matches he had picked up in an Irish pub. It bore the slogan "hangovers installed and serviced".

Brian Kaller said...


That sounds like here. I'm told that Guinness once commissioned playwright and famous lush Brendan Behan to write them an advertising slogan. After tearing through their complimentary cases of beer, he came up with what he probably thought was the ultimate compliment: "Guinness makes you drunk." In the end, they went with somethng else.

I also personally like the slogan of a local brewery -- in contrast to a lot of businesses that say "established 1759" or "established 1842," theirs says cryptically, "Never established."