Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Personal news

I keep most aspects of our lives private -- I share conversations with my daughter, yes, but even then I keep her as anonymous as possible. I will, though, share a personal milestone; after many months of fees and applications, I attended a swearing-in ceremony yesterday, and became an Irish citizen.

It was not a light decision; I take my US citizenship seriously, and have criticised the rootlessness of many modern people. Yet we have made this place our home; I’ve put in enough volunteer time for my local community that I’ve earned a legal place in it, and have have paid enough taxes here to have earned representation. I don’t like the direction my country is heading, and wanted to make sure I -- and my daughter -- had an open door somewhere else.

The Irish have always been impressive travellers, usually out of poverty and necessity, but embracing a new land never meant giving up the old one. My family kept in touch with their cousins here even after they had been Americans for a century, and my co-workers in Dublin talk of going “home” for the holidays, to their rural hometown where they know everyone, even if they’ve lived away from it for years. They travel, but they know where they came from. It’s not being rootless – it’s drawing strength from more than one set of roots.

Ironically, after I left the ceremony an Irish citizen, I took my wife to see the Captain America film.


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Anonymous said...

Congratulations. I have Irish ancestry (Rathfriland in County Down), but have never been there and probably never will now. I still feel an affection for the country, which is why I enjoy seeing the photos of the landscape on your blog.

Anonymous said...

We live in a very small world now and I can't think of a much better place than Ireland to set down roots. Congratulations on becoming Irish citizens. So glad you found somewhere that you really want to be and that feeds you body, mind and soul. Thank you for your excellent blog posts and articles. Your relationship with your daughter is truly inspiring. I love seeing a new Mayberry post each time my RSS Feed read pops one up.

Brian Kaller said...

Anubis, thank you.

Food, County Down is lovely -- if you ever do come, feel free to look us up.

Road, much appreciated -- glad to have you reading.