Friday, 24 January 2014

School project

The Girl’s teacher assigned her a paper for school: battles of the Ancient Celts. History class in Ireland covers native history as my childhood school covered American history, except instead of two centuries the history goes back several millennia, so “Ancient Celts” covers a lot of ground. Nonetheless, she launched into it with gusto, and we read about Medb and Boudica, the madness of Cu Chullain, and how Celtic warriors ran into battle naked.

Your teacher might prefer ‘nude,’ I suggested, seeing her write that down.

“That’s okay, Daddy, I plan to draw an illustration for that part anyway,” she said.

Umm – hang on, I asked, putting my hand gently on hers. You were planning to show drawings of naked men to your Catholic girls school?

Relax, Daddy,” she said, seeing my expression. “I’ll put a leaf there.”

Photo: The Girl running across the labrynth of Glendalough, a fifth-century monastery.

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