Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Best of The Girl 6

Monday, 13 April 2009

The Girl takes a long time to go to sleep, and sometimes comes downstairs with delaying tactics. Tonight it was the hiccups.

"Drinking a glass of water sometimes helps," I said.

"I have an idea that is all mine for getting rid of hiccups," she said sincerely. "I call it 'letting The Girl stay up late.'"

No, sweetie, I said, laughing, but good try.

Friday, 8 May 2009

The Girl wanted her hair cut short, answering objections with a solemn "It's my hair." Fair enough, I said -- she just wanted a bob cut, no blue mohawks -- and she was very pleased with it (photo pre-cut). I told her it looks beautiful -- a bit like Louise Brooks.

"Who is Luis Book?" she asked.

She was a movie star with hair like that, almost a hundred years ago, I said.

"What's a movie star?"

Somebody who was in movies, like on the telly or on computer. Groucho was a movie star -- but your hair is much better.

She went off to play, very pleased with herself. "I am a book-star," she said.

I'm glad I didn't compare it to Prince Valiant's hair -- that would have been a long conversation for this former reporter.

"Who is Prince Valiant?"

It's a comic strip about one of King Arthur's knights.

"What's a comic strip?"

They were cartoon pictures that told stories in the newspaper.

"What's a newspaper?"

Thursday, 18 June 2009

Tonight we talked about punctuation, and I explained that "!" was an exclamation point.

"I have an exclamation point," she said.

Where? I asked.

"Right here," she said, pointing to the scar where she was recently vaccinated.

Well, the ones on the paper are used when you feel something strongly, I said -- like when something hurts.

"My exclamation point feels like that sometimes," she said.

Monday, 8 June 2009

I sing old folk songs to my four-year-old, including one about a young woman who stood up to bullies.

“Why wasn’t she afraid?” The Girl asked.

Because she knew she wasn’t alone, I said. That changes everything.

“Why?” she asked.

Well, I said, taking her to the sewing kit, can you hold this thread?


Can you break it?

She wasn’t sure whether she could, but she did.

Now, I said, what happens if you put lots of threads together? She wasn’t sure.

A rope, I said. Can you break a rope? Her eyes grew large. “No!”

When people stick together, they can do more, and are harder to break, I said.

“What happens if the bad people just get more bad people too, and they stick together?” she asked.

Great question, I said. Good people generally outnumber bad people ... they just don’t always realize it.

“How do you tell the good people from the bad?” she asked.

That’s not always easy, I said. But if you see a few people bullying a lot of people, you can tell the small group is bad. That’s one of the things ‘bad’ means.

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