Monday, 28 October 2013

Half of us

The Girl and I have been talking about genetics, and it raises some questions for her.
“Daddy, when I have children, will I have to give up some of my playing music?” she asked. 

Not at all, I said – people can enjoy playing music while they’re taking care of children. If they get paid, they can even be paid for it. As long as the children are your first priority, your husband should mind the children at times while you do other things you love. Why do you ask?

“Well,” she said. “I know babies’ DNA comes half from the mother and half from the father, and I don’t want to give up half my musical talent, but I don’t want to deprive my child either.”

I understood. Honey, I told her, when you have children, your genes will be copied; you won’t lose half of what you already have.

“Oh, that’s a relief.”

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