Thursday, 30 May 2013

The Girl's reading

On Saturday morning a bout of bright sunshine and warmth hit our normally windswept island, and The Girl and I ran outdoors to suck every moment dry while it lasted -- bicycling, We first stopped at the library for more books to read. The Girl picked out a tween-market book set in 18th-century Ireland, about young lovers on either side of the religious divide.

Her bookshelves at home still creak with the weight of the Dr. Seuss and “Charlie and Lola” books she was reading a few years ago, when she had to pry each word apart like she was trying to get on a bike for the first time. Now the training wheels have come off and she flies off faster than I can run after her. As with so many other things, I must slowly relax my control, trusting that she will make the right choices -- and hope she doesn’t find some training-bra version of “50 Shades of Grey.” Rural Irish libraries are pretty safe, but these days, you never know.

“Can I pick this?” she said, grabbing a book from the children’s section. “It says it’s a vampire romance.”

I’d want to look that one over first, I said.

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