Sunday, 18 September 2011


I have never seen two animals as amourous as the wood doves I see on The Girl's swingset every day.

Few other animals beat humans in this area. Most, from frogs to hedgehogs to elephants, seem to have a torrid affair, and after that they will always have Paris. Even among those that mate for life, from albatross to gibbons, I gather the marriage is more a partnership. Our doves, however, are seriously into each other, to the point that I'm expecting The Girl to ask about it.

On the other hand, they fuel their daily exercise with our cabbages, and if my wife ever makes good on her threats, we will be having roast pigeon one night.


Line of the day: Holding up the bulbs of a particularly shaggy daffodil, The Girl said, "Look, Daddy! We got the ones that look like an exploding chicken!"

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Eva Elisabeth said...

Just in case people think we blow up chickens over here. Exploding Chickens = Houdans, they look like they've just had a chemistry experiment go wrong.