Sunday, 8 May 2011

The Girl

Every night I read The Girl at least one book, and as she can read most words herself now, I make her read part of it. She still needs a little help with certain words, though, and like any six-year-old, she gets distracted easily.

“What’s that ribbon there?” she asked, pointing to a small illustration halfway down the page.

Well, I said, the story is about the fairy getting her ribbon back from the goblin, so perhaps that’s to show you what the ribbon is like.

“But it has a D on it, and the fairy’s name doesn’t begin with D!” she said, perplexed. “What does the D stand for?”

She’s a dancing fairy -- maybe it stands for ‘dancing,’ I said. We agreed that was a bit of a reach. Honestly, I said, it doesn’t seem a very clear illustration.

“Well they should have made it clear when they wrote the book,” she said.

Perhaps it’s there to encourage us to do what we’re doing now, I suggested – to ask questions and think. Things that make you stop and think are usually a good thing.

“Well, they shouldn’t do it here,” The Girl said indignantly. “We’ve slid completely off the story now.” Kids don’t tend to like it when people play with their expectations.

Let’s get right back on, I said. We won’t even think about that little picture.
“Okay,” she said. “I will look away until you’ve turned the page.”


My apologies for blogging so little – with Ireland’s economic situation, we’ve been working a lot more to pay off our debts, and our weekend garden-building has gone into overdrive. Today built the last bed of the garden for a while, completing our year’s work transforming our muddy and overgrown acre into a working kitchen garden.

Photo: The Girl running through the woods in the boglands. We were hunting for wild garlic, but came up with nothing but armfuls of bluebells.


Sudeep B said...

Best of luck in all your endeavors mate and may all those debts die swift deaths.

But keep them coming every once in a while, some people like mi who are just starting out find inspiration and hope in the actions of people like you :)

Brian Kaller said...


Thank you so much -- good luck in your own projects, and keep in touch.