Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Six-year-old questions you’re not prepared for

“Papa, how do you know you’re really alive, or that you just think you’re alive and having a death-dream?”

I slowly turned to the back seat and glanced at our two guests, friends of ours from America.

What makes you think of that, honey? I asked.

“Well, you know how when you’re dreaming you don’t realise you’re in a dream? Well, I feel alive, but what if I’m really dead and just dreaming that I’m alive?”

Um .... Well, if you feel and dream, I think you’re alive, I said. The dead don’t dream.

“How do you know?” she asked. A fair point.

Do you remember anything before you were alive, I asked – before you were born?

“Oh yes,” she said agreeably. “I was a fairy then, and was a fairy for many lives, even as far back as the dinosaurs, and I was friends with a Barosaurus.”

Did Barosauruses make good friends? I asked.

“Sure! He followed me around like he was my puppy.”
How long were you a fairy?

"Oh...I don't know."

Just how long you can remember.

She pondered that question a moment. "I only remember being a fairy two thousand times."

Two thousand?


I paused a moment. Well, who taught you to be a fairy? Did you go to fairy school?

"No!" she said indignantly. "The fairy-mothers teach you how to be a fairy. A fairy learns from the fairy-mother." She said it as if everyone knew such a thing.

"That's a very good mother."

"Yes. I only go to school when I am human. This is the first time I've been a girl."

So you remember coming to life as a girl here? I asked.

“Yeah ...” She looked thoughtful.

I’m certain you’re alive, I said.


Maya said...

you know, I don't doubt her for a moment. :) She's such an amazing girl (not surprising, considering her parents).

Laura B said...

Has she ever seen a fairy?

Brian Kaller said...

Thanks Maya -- I hope you can see her soon.

Laura, if anyone has, it's her.

Jenniphred said...

Absolutely beautiful!

Eva Elisabeth said...

@Laura according to her we have a variety of different colored fairies around. Sometimes they are naughty but usually they are her buddies.

Caterina B said...

Her thoughts and so profound and precious! What a wonderful time you are having being her daddy.

Kat said...

Enjoyed this lil' fairy tale :) (or fairy truth actually...)