Tuesday, 30 November 2010


On top of everything else, Ireland has been hit with heavy snowfall -- rare in any month, unheard of in November. We could not go to Dublin for work today, and I'm writing this from the car, to see if I can get a wisp of an internet connection. On the good side, The Girl and I had perhaps her first snowball fight ever.


Anonymous said...

There's much to be said for a first snowball fight! Is this the first serious snowfall you've seen since moving to Ireland?


Onepony2002 said...

So, La Nina got you, too. We live in Western Washington state which has a climate very like Ireland's and we had that storm last week. After it got very cold (for here), it dumped 6 inches on us, and then moved on east to do a serious blizzard on the Mountain states. Snow days and sledding for the kids. Luckily it warmed up enough to melted off in time for Thanksgiving cooking and gathering. We hear that we should expect more of the same this winter, so it was a good reminder to make sure we are stocked up for emergencies.

Brian Kaller said...

Yes, there's ordinarily so little snow here that I was afraid she'd never experience it.

One Pony,
I don't think La Nina affects Europe -- sorry if you were joking -- but it sounds like you are seeing some of the same. Glad you had a great time.