Thursday, 22 April 2010

Happy around Arbor Day

I rarely link to other posts, but Sharon Astyk has put into words exactly why I'm not fond of Earth Day. Personally, I preferred it when it was Arbor Day, celebrating the specific and tangible action of planting trees, rather than celebrating ourselves for how much we care about vague abstractions. I also don't turn my lights out for an hour once a year, which reduces zero wattage from power plants -- it needs to be most hours, all year, or it is meaningless.

Of course, when Arbor Day is depends on what country you're in -- it was yesterday in Kenya, next Wednesday in Germany, a week from Friday in the USA and Japan. But it's usually in the spring, so Happy Arbor season.

See also this article in the New York Times, via Rod Dreher. Thanks, Rod and Sharon.

Update: Sharon continues the Earth Day thoughts here and here.

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