Friday, 26 February 2010

The Girl

In a TED talk I heard recently – which I can only paraphrase from memory right now -- about cultivating the distinctive intelligence of each child, the lecturer told a story about seeing the family of a problem student. Our daughter can’t sit still, the parents said – we think she might have learning disabilities.

The lecturer asked to see the child alone, and talked to her a while, put music on and told her to do whatever she felt like. After seeing the child move about the room, he called the parents back in.

“Your daughter’s not sick,” he said. “She’s a dancer.”

I wonder if The Girl is the same way, or if this is just a phase. After getting her to read part of “Horton Hears a Who” tonight, but she still reads slowly and is often frustrated. After she had enough practice I asked her if she could explain the story to me, and she did – through five-year-old mime and interpretive dance.

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Ståle said...

Which TED talk was it? I would like to watch it, and it sounds like it may well be very useful for a class I teach.

(PS - thanks for all your writing. I enjoy the way you intersperse the heavy big-picture stuff with these more personal, and often quite quirky snapshots of everyday moments with the girl. Both preoccupations are familiar from my own life.)