Saturday, 20 February 2010

The Girl

Yesterday The Girl got a new stuffed animal, a badger, and tonight she was helping it give birth.

Lately she’s been playing doctor – yes, I mean re-enacting things doctors might do – and one by one, most of her toys have dropped offspring. She asks a lot of questions about birth, and I ration out bits of information – tummy, grow, doctor, you know.

“I’ve taken the babies out, so now I’m going to put a plaster (band-aid) over where she was cut open,” The Girl said.

What can you do for a cut if there are no plasters? I said.

“Well, you can search across the mountains until you find rocks with metal in them, and then you can get the metal out, and then you can take a hammer and forge the metal into pipe cleaners, and then you can wrap enough pipe cleaners around her to make like a plaster,” she said,

That’s a great idea, I said. I'm told honey works, too.


Today I was taking apart some of the builders’ pallets with a pickaxe while The Girl played on her swings nearby. I called her over for a moment.

You see these little holes here, I said? I think some insects may have laid their eggs in the wood.

“Wow!” The Girl whispered slowly, as we both hunched over the planks. “When will they hatch?”

I don’t know what kind of bugs these are, I said. With some it could be a few days, but cicadas where Papa grew up in Missouri stayed underground for 17 years.

After talking about this for a while, she returned to swinging, and I picked up the pickaxe and prepared to resume. As I started to swing down at the wood The Girl looked over and shouted, “NO, Papa – don’t hurt the eggs!”

I didn't get any more chopping done.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps time to explain that babies usually are born without any cutting?

Brian Kaller said...

She was born by C-section, and somehow found that out ... but she doesn't seem disturbed by it. I'm happy to avoid going into the plumbing details for a while.