Thursday, 14 January 2010

The Girl

For her bedtime story last night, The Girl picked a book of poetry given to us as a gift, whose poems I was unfamiliar with. I started reading a poem about dinosaurs, which made mention of stegosaurs, pterodactyls, dimetrodons, brontosaurs and ... um .... wooly mammoths?

"That's ridiculous!" the five-year-old objected immediately. "Mammoths weren't around when dinosaurs were around!"

You're absolutely right, I said -- you know more than the people who wrote the book. I thought about mentioning to her that the stegosaur is the only actual dinosaur on the list, but I won't overcomplicate things yet.

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Mimosa S. J. Greer said...

wow good for her for knowing that!! Way to go Girlybug!