Wednesday, 29 July 2009

FADA's new web site

For months my group, FADA, has beeen working on a web site, and now we are officially live in cyberspace. Feel free to check in. Contributions are welcome.


Anonymous said...

excellent site - was enormously impressed with the demonstrations and speakers at your garden celebration - wish we had someone here who could teach about wormery making!

But - what is the meaning of the groups name "FADA"?


Brian Kaller said...


FADA is a play on words in the Irish language -- a "fada" is a mark over a vowel that makes it longer, so "fada" means "longer" or "slower." It's also an acronymn for an Irish sentence, "Fuinneamh An DĂșchais Againn," or "The Vigour of What's Native is Ours" -- or more simply, "Our strength is here."

Anonymous said...

thank you for explaining -
but you should display the meaning as a sort of motto on your sight - it is so relevant and inspiring