Friday, 12 June 2009

The beach

One of the funniest commercials I have ever seen was an American beer advertisement on Irish television, proposing an Irish version of "Baywatch." Tanned and sculpted lifeguards, that most popular image of America, tried to run across the seashore to familiar power chords -- but as it was the Irish coast, they shivered in the drizzle, tiptoed over the horse deposits and did the hokey-pokey over the sharp rocks. "What works over there doesn't over here," said the voice-over. "But our beer does."

Soft beaches are rare as hot days on our windswept shores, so on the first 25-degree day all year, we made our way to a rare and secluded spot where we could bask on the yellow sand. We made sand castles, looked for crabs and sea life, inspected seaweed, and for the first time, I swam in the ocean.

We also discovered, tucked deep in the cliffs behind the beach, a waterfall, which formed a tiny stream that trickled towards the ocean until it sank into the sand.


Anonymous said...

Dare I ask which American purveyor of swill sought to impute to the Irish, of all people, an appreciation for the mass-produced, watery impersonation of a lager that it proffers, in taste-affronting aluminum cans, or am I better off not knowing?

Brian Kaller said...

Without giving too much away, it rhymes with "Dudweiser." It was a big campaign for a while, but I don't see too many people turning away from Guinness or Beamish.